Saturday, April 16, 2011

Come Jump with me.

Well it's been an interesting couple of weeks to say the least. For the last four years I have been quilting , learning and educating myself in all that is quilting. The history is always unfolding, some quilts take my breath away. The artistry is really not appreciated by most, but wow it's art . My goal for  my quilts is to create something that looked like what was in my head. Sometimes it happened but for the most part never did . Then off they went to the longarm quilter to finish. Yes I sent my quilts out that I thought where special. I did quilt the everyday ones don't get me wrong. And hence that's why I now own a longarm machine because I was not always happy with what came back. Part of it was my fault as one needs to tell the quilter what you want. To say have fun really can mean different things to different people.

Monica's quilt- Eva's block

Anyways I have now quilted two quilts for paying clients. That's right Molly is earning her keep! They where not big quilts but I know that the ladies put a lot of time and love into their creations. Monica let me do her quilt that we all made blocks for. Each block was done by a different lady. We all have been together for 3 yrs sewing so we all put much love or our crazy into each block we made. So when she trusted me it was an honor . The Block Eva did with all the paper piecing scared me to quilt but I think I did it justice. The end results of this quilt made me smile. The next quilt was for Mary Beth. She loves making quilts but she can't quilt them due to her handicap . When I asked her what she wanted done her answer was you decide !  The part she hates is trying to figure out what to do with the finished top. She hates picking the design , the thread , basically the whole finishing process. Well I took her quilt and played. Took Sue Pattens advice and listened to Mary Beth, then looked at the quilt and asked what she thought of this and maybe do that . End results really did make me smile and proud of the work. It's scary taking these tops that these women are trusting you with and try to capture what they want onto their quilt. I can now see why my quilts never turned out the way I wanted them to cause I did not tell the longarmer what I wanted. And they also needed to give back impute. Taking a quilt to another person to finish is hard , you have worked on that top for along time and now you are giving up control. So good lesson is to have a good relationship with your LA person.

I Once I finished those quilts I have started working on charity quilts for the guild. Must do something special cause every quilt is a showcase of my work. And as Rod says building a client base is the most import part of my business at this time. Today I got my phones up and answering service set up . I will be getting the web site done in the next couple of weeks. Then it's back to Edmonton for more lessons. Can hardly wait to take more classes . This round is with Deloa Jones she does out of this world work with feathers. Will see if I can schedule another work day off to take two classes of hers. It's hard fitting in these classes when they interfere with my full time paying job. Although doing these classes has been like a life line or recharger for me. I quilt and sew because it is where I can create and be myself. No rules to follow  , no boxes to fit into no one to please.Okay I do follow rules but the art quilts are all mine.  It's where I am allowed to play. So thinking might have to schedule another day off . I run a day home and it's hard when my taking time off effects families but thinking a happy Deb is a much better childcare provider. This year I did have an eye opener when I asked for a day off due to a funeral and one parent said I really did not need a whole day. So that's when I started booking time off cause really I also have a life outside of work. It also pushed me into the longarm business faster. 
Loopy D's Longarm studio

Quilting side of business

Well there you have it . I told you I would take you along on my new adventure. Working hard to build my skills. The studio is up and running as you can tell from the pictures. I will be offering longarm classes plus renting out the machine once you have taken the class. All my supplies have been ordered. My husband is crazy and says get everything now because our dollar is so good. So I have placed orders for more thread, batting and rulers plus books and stencils. Right now it feels like the money is flying out the window and not much coming back . This will change in time as once I have everything I will not have to order more for now. The joys of starting a new business. So if you want more information to  book a Longarm  class, schedule an appointment for longarm services my number is 403 669 9523 . I am jumping want to come play in our waters?

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  1. LOVE this post hon!!! I can feel your passion & excitement! I will come by Thursday... for website stuff... Monday is guild, Tuesday have Lunch Date & Wed is Quilts from the Heart.... Cheers...