Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Joys of Living in this Area !

Hello, what a crazy day our weather has been here in Calgary. Since Monday I spent it clean out flower beds, putting up the gazebo, putting out the day bed and lawn furniture, Setting up Hot Tub and just generally working hard so that this weekend all one has to do is bring out the coffee and morning paper and enjoy sitting out on our deck knowing the chores have been done. All the hanging baskets have been hug, flower beds are now ready to be filled but this is the fun things which we enjoy doing.On Wednsday after a couple of  hard days working  outside had a good Friend over for dinner and glass of wine plus a catch up. Then dropped her off at home. Came back changed into my swimming suite and hopped into our new hot tub which I set up on Monday. Here is a picture of Luna being the first one to use it. Could not explain to the dog it was not a water bed ! She loves the heat. Then another friend came over and we soaked in the tub while watching American Idol ( A couple of wine coolers in hand) So Monday was hot Tuesday was nice , Wednesday was wonderful taking full advantage of the spring and nice weather. Well this morning woke up to rain rain and more rain. Had only two kids today so they played while I did some paperwork. Then let me tell you this is what I looked out the window at just after lunch. Can you imagine ahhh. I now have hanging plants in the shower and under the gazebo. There are 30 tomato plants in our kitchen really glad did not get to those. So if you live in a warm area enjoy and just remember some of us deal with snow at the stupidest times.
 Just think it's Heritage Parks festival of quilts this weekend and I know if there is snow on the ground I will not be attending. Got to love Calgary. But if you do get a chance go to heritage park and take a look at the amazing quilts you might even see my newest crazy. Froggie went a courting. Snow still shaking my head.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Makes you think if it's really better?

Morning, just going through my emails which in it's self is funny to think about. At one time we would be going through the mail. Well if your mail is like mine all there seems to be is bills and junk mail. Mind you emails are just about the same. You weed through all the junk people send you for example all the chain style letters. Then you have all the jokes and pictures but really it seems no one really takes the time to write anymore. I use to love sending letters and getting them. They where in your hands you could feel them , see them and know that the sender was really taking time out of there day to sit and write you. I still write a few people for one reason or another. I wrote my Husbands grandmother every week for years till she passed, nothing important was said in them but what we where up to that week. And well I know she enjoyed getting those letters. At Christmas I always take the time to write and post a letter with our Christmas cards to catch everyone up. But someone told me about three years ago they hate getting letters like that cause it was look here is what we are doing and the kids are doing so well etc.( Note this person never got a letter from me) Never thought about it like that although I have never been one that brags about the Kid.  Anyways I think this is why I like to Blog and use face book. Some where out in cyberspace another person is wanting to connect with another soul. It's like having a pen pal. Chances of you meeting that person is not high but you enjoy writing them. Last month I met a person that I had made friends on face book. It was amazing to put a face to the notes on the screen. Plus I think we clicked right away and know we will be friends for a long time. So the question of the day is ... What would you rather have a letter posted through the mail or a email which is better? Anyways that's what was on my mind when I started Blogging. So Yesterday finally got into the garden. Did some clean up and wow I have more hours to go but it will happen. Then worked on finishing this wall hanging. It sure feels like spring is finally here. When my husband got home he put together our new fire place in the backyard and this weekend he will be fixing our fence. Someone decided that they should take it out. NICE. And before the leaves come out on the trees and bushes it's time to paint the fence and shed. The joys of summer , can hardly wait to be able to work and play outside. End the day with a wine cooler while visiting with friends. Big sigh. Must get the work done before one can play. Now guess one should close this and head into the day so off I go to get that coffee and see what my day will bring.

Monday, May 10, 2010

How does your Garden Grow?

It's May, which in my world means one starts thinking about the garden and what one plans to do with it. In the City of Calgary the main gardening rule is this, Do not plant until after the May long weekend. So you do the math we have a really short growing season. Things are popping up  all over my garden and I want to uncover the new growth but it will wait for another two weeks so that the greens are protected until after the last crazy snow we will get. Now if you have to start gardening here are some things you can do to save you money and meet your neighbors. Go for a walk, look at all the gardens in the area most gardeners have plants they need to split or move or for that matter just give away. I know I am always looking to share as my plants seem to start taking over the space in no time flat. So ask and you may just met your newest friend. Plus you just saved yourself at least fifty bucks at the garden centre. Also start going to yard sales, if you think outside the box you may find that one item that will go into your garden with out you spending a ton. People are always giving crazy things away that if you rework you might just have that special thing in the garden that makes people stop and look at your yard. And really who cares what the weather does to them it was cheap. I buy mirrors for my fence at yard sales and then hang them , it adds depth to my small yard  plus I can see what the kids are doing and they wonder how. Evil laugh. Old yard furniture can be painted. Last year I tried to give this old garden bistro set away for free to friends and no one would take it. Well a trip to the hardware store 4 cans of spray paint. Yellow, Blue, Red and a bright green a couple of hours of work and now the Bistro set is amazing. Plus the one friend said she would love to have them now. Hits of color in the yard also help. I plant perennials and to say the least they are not showy flowers, or they are but for a short time. But add some yard art that has color and it's interesting. No I don't do garden gnome's !!! Okay yes I have one but it gets moved around the gardens like the traveling gnome. And when you come to our house for a BBQ if you are the first to find it you get the door prize. Last summer many quilted table runners where given this way. It's a good party game and the kids love finding new places to hid it. So I hope I have given you some idea's and maybe inspired you to think outside the box when it comes time to start playing in your garden. If your around this summer you can always raid my garden or come yard sailing with us. It's time to get some fresh Air. Thinking maybe the first BBQ will have to start being planned. Well now go and enjoy your day cause I sure am.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring is Here ????

Afternoon everyone, taking a break right now the kids are eating papaya fruit and dogs are asleep. The wind and snow outside is just crazy stupid. Well I will say one thing about weather like this it makes you want to stay under a quilt and read a book. This is not in my cards today as well last week I did not do paperwork or invoicing for that matter anything I normally do. Quilts Canada was my main focus. But got into the swing of things this week. Cleaned the studio and reorganized. You would think this would be a simple process but I swear I can purge like a crazy fool when it comes to everyday things but quilting stuff I can't seem to let go cause you may need it . The words every man uses when talking about nuts and bolts. My fathers voice rings in my head lol. Well it took two days to finally do it all. My fabrics are in a hutch so they will no longer be exposed to the sun. They are organized by color and let me tell you one would think I would have a ton of Purple but in fact Blue is the one that is over flowing.  My closet is now organize and one can see everything and everything has a home .The cutting table is now totally set up so I can cut most anything. Sewing station is cleaned dust bunnies gone. So when I get my sewing machine back it's space is clean. Time for it's Oil Lube and Filter to be done.  Just like my car one needs to keep it in good running order and annual cleanings are important. So while it is in the shop the invoicing will get done cause well there is no distractions. Hard to get my homework done but well that's just life.
At quilts Canada we went to a lecture on organizing ones sewing room. Well let me tell you some ladies sure make wonderful quilts in shitty spaces. I left feeling good about my studio but could improve a few things which I think happened this week. Didn't take much away from that lecture other than knowing my work space was more than most have. So what does your spaces look like does it function the way it should. You may not quilt but where you create does it work for you? So many people work at the dinning room table and the lighting may not be great so take this thought away today. You deserve your own space to work so claim some space in your home that is just yours. That's a thought I have a friend that writes and she needs to find that space to write. That amazing novel needs a jumping off point. Well since I have now wasted thirty minutes doing this should get back to invoicing and cleaning up the mess the kids are making . Go and enjoy your day even if it's snowing. ahhhhhhhh

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Monkey Business

Good morning, sun is out and I am heading to the convention centre to pick up my quilt. It was an amazing week. The quilts in Quilts Canada where works of art even mine fit right in (well I hope it did). Although seeing all those wonderful quilts has inspired me to kick it up a notch. It's a good thing to have a challenge even if it is one you set for yourself. So for those that know me look out cause the crazy is just about to get worse. Evil laugh, the newest quilt idea is floating in my head waiting to break forth. I even met Matt the quilting Man at the show and think I have found the right person to quilt my quilts. Plus I think all his kids are going to love my monkeys. Yes the new quilt will be filled with flying monkeys, monkeys in a barrel I don't know how many but I am up for a little monkey business. lol. Like I said it's in my head right now. Would love your impute cause well the more the merrier. 
So my face book friend packed up her bags and headed back to Montana, truck loaded not with to much extra but with a new quilt sitting on the seat beside her. Yes she was the first person in Deb's quilting boot camp. In just five days we started and finished a lap size quilt. Taught her the Disappearing Nine patch quilt. We got the top done borders on and then headed downstairs to the long arm. There I taught her how to load the quilt. She has the same frame as I have and has owned it for over a yr but has not used it because the instructions suck. Quilt loaded and off she went. Training wheels off. She did a great job and will improve with more practice. Words I should heed as I am way to hard on myself and my skills. Then Made Her load a second quilt with out my help so that once home she knows what she is doing. Then she started quilting the second quilt. She made the mistake of not checking her back for thread tension and we had three inches all across the quilt to take out. Note to self when teaching don't leave for ten minutes to deal with something else. Will not do that one again. Finished the Binding, now mind you it was done on the machine and not by hand because well this is not a show piece its one to put on a table or chair. Did a sleeve and label. Yes people you should always do a label. The quilt we made was nothing special to anyone else but us, but in years to come when some one buys this quilt at a yard sale for ten dollars they will turn it over and read why and by whom this quilt was made by. On our label it explains that it was her first real visit to Canada she met me and we worked on this together while attending the quilt show. It's a quilt we made getting to know each other and I know it's a good memory that I will add to my quilting journey in my memory. Sappy I know. But when it passes onto another person they will know it is a special quilt for those reasons. Well anyways we had a good time this week going up the Calgary Tower , heading to Drumheller in a snow storm, Getting soaked looking into Horseshoe Canyon. It was a good time. It was nice meeting someone that I had been chatting to on face book. Now I have a real face for that person. Hope some of you all get that chance. Well should go get that quilt Enjoy your day and set a goal to improve something in your life.  ;)