Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Crazy

Three days and counting down. The house is done, baking finished, gifts wrapped so now it's onto the house work. I swear we make more work for ourselves. The joy of the Holidays, spending way to much, eating, drinking and playing way to much. Everything in excess. As a quilter I make even more work for myself cause well you want to make that special gift for your family and friends. Sorry guys but I  did not go crazy. Okay let me rephrase that. 25 tea towels made and already given away, 50 little bags made and most have been given away, two quilts done and given, two table runners , two wall hangings have also been sent. And that is what I did in the last two months.
Now got smart and told a friend no I would not make her mother in law a quilt so she came and sewed for a night and then booked a long arm quilter as I said no again. Happy dance for me for standing up and realizing that I could not do everything. Sometimes we have to learn to take a look at our schedules and rethink what can be done and will be done.
Today I am working on a quilt that is due on the 8th of January. The blocks where all finished in the spring early summer. Scheduling issues NOT just like most of us left it to the last minute now in panic mode and look still not doing it cause I am Blogging. Evil laugh. Goal today is lay the blocks out and figure out the best way to showcase these amazing blocks. And well the ladies that graced me with such a gift I don't want to let them down so will try and showcase each block to its best. May be under the gun but will not let time get in the way.  
That is what I plan to be doing this week in my spare time. Now my wonderful husband also booked us a couple of days at the Banff Springs so we will be escaping between the Christmas holidays and New Years. He has been traveling so much he though it would be nice to recharge. Okay I know he has been staying in hotels most of this month but he wants to spend time with me. No distractions, kids or dog.  So today thinking will head to the Cat's Pajama's and buy something special after work.
Now that I have killed an hour guess I should get back to work. Wish me luck. Mind you in 15 minutes have to go and pick up kids as they only have half a day off. Got to love my schedule.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Being Thankfull.

Just got home from doing my shift for Inn out of the Cold it is 5:38 am in the morning yes still up and know once my head hits the pillow I will be out like a light. Now lots is going on in my head as to how the rest of my day is going to go. Sleep till ten, maybe make a piece of toast while the coffee is brewing. Head to the bank to pay my taxes ( Filed late this yr.) Not worrying about how I am paying this bill because the money is there. Then grocery store, liquor store then home, friend coming over to use the long arm so she can finish her Christmas gifts. My husband will arrive home around four then we will get ready to go to a Christmas party . This is what this day will involve. Well tonight I swear more people could not sleep , needed to have a smoke, or just wondering about. Very unusual since wake up is at six and they are on the bus heading out by seven.
Here is what these Homeless working poor have to look forward to. Wake up in 15 minutes, where if you want a shower you have to wait cause there are only two showers and 15 people that could want one. But you have only one hour to pack up your stuff shower and eat . On the menu is eggs, toast, bacon and fruit. Sounds good but this is the menu everyday if you are using the Inn. 7:00 am on the bus to head downtown. It's cold out, might not have the right cloths for this weather in need of a smoke. If your lucky you have work to go to if not your on the cold streets of Calgary . Lunch was given to you so no worries about filling that need but where does one get hot water to use for the instant soup? Next worry getting back to the Inn pick up point by 4:30 to catch a bus to the next church that is housing you for the night. Along with a million other worries about surviving on the streets.
Okay hope you have a mental  picture. My family was homeless when I was a child my parents did their best but moving, changing cities and jobs left cash flow short. First and Last months rent is hard to save for when you are just trying to get by in a day. Did not help that my mother had a mental condition . We also where on welfare for most of my younger days. So this is the reason I do the Inn Out of the Cold each month. It keeps our family grounded as to whats important . My husband never lived through such things but he has lived through my hording of canned food ( Not so bad for it now) My giving the shirt off my back if you needed it no questions asked , opening our home to anyone no matter what. Over feeding everyone cause god forbid anyone goes away hungry from our home.
I have a point to this story should get there ( lack of sleep ). All week I have been stressing about my silly Christmas tree and when was I going to get it up. Well tonight one man was stressing about the sizes of cigarette butts in this bag he had. I swear he must have gathered them up from all over the place . All he wanted was to enjoy one smoke. The bag made him feel like he could handle what ever the day held for him if he could gather enough to role one cigarette. Another lady that was up all night was stressing about the hole in her shoe cause next week it was going to get cold. Makes the tree look rather silly. These people where not worrying about stocking stuffers or that perfect gift.

As we head into this holiday season please take the time to enjoy what you have. My friend Darla and her son have been doing one good deed a day for someone if we all did this wow our world might not have so many stressed out people. So I hope today when you head into your day you might appreciate the little joys that are around you all the time. I know the people at the Inn gave me a gift tonight. I shall not stress over anything cause really we have it so much better than a lot of other people. Merry Christmas

Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Crazy

Just checking my list of things to do before the holiday crazy begins. We all have those lists even if it's just in our heads. Who's on our Christmas shopping list, when will you have time to write that letter to go into the cards. What events will be happening that we need to plan for. And how is one going to pay for it all. So the crazy begins. Each year I swear we set ourselves up to drive ourselves and our loved ones crazy. For example I am thinking about my cards and letter but before I even get fingers to the computer low and behold my first Christmas card will be in the mail box from my mother. How this crazy lady does it every year still amazes me, but hers will be our first card and that's my Que to get my butt in gear and send out the cards. Could do it today but know I will wait until next week before it's done. And that's how we set ourselves up for the crazy. Now don't get me wrong my Christmas shopping is done yes you read that right. I start on boxing day for the next year. Sales baby Sales. Plus picking things up all year helps to spread the cost over the year rather than during November and December. This allows our family to do more with out having to pay in the next year. Planning ahead always. So my plan for this year is to keep it simple ( Laughing so hard right now) Okay yes I am keeping it Simple -  which in my world this year it means to Share , Implement, Multi task, Plan, Laugh and Enjoy. Keeping it Simple. So no stressing ones self out cause the tree is not perfect or those cookies are a  little burnt . Over the last couple of years I have come to figure out that no you don't need to decorate upstairs and downstairs, each room does not have to reflect the season it just needs to be clean for your company. Your friends are coming to visit you so  if there is a cookie to offer wonderful if not I am sure the company is still much better . So you can see the plan forming evil laugh, yes my friends will becoming over to bake , my family will decorate the tree together even if it takes until Christmas eve to get everyone in the same province and we will enjoy it. Now lets see if I can keep it simple .

 Right now finishing up a quilt for JD's girlfriend , have Christmas towels to finish sewing, Have to arrange Christmas party for the wonderful women I sew with on Fridays , well you get the picture. On the bright side already ahead of the game because it's still November. Now to get off this machine and start working on a class sample. This Sunday am teaching all day so if you want to come play and make a Secret Santa to give or keep come play with me at My Sewing Room, thinking the class still has space (call the store for more information)  Promise it will be done before Christmas. So there you have it my plans, so what do you have planned and will you drive yourself crazy?

Friday, October 29, 2010

To Label or Not ??

Inner Animal Workshop
Well I have no idea where the month went. I swear between work, kids, husband and my life in general this month has flown by as it is I still have paperwork and GST to deal with before the end of the month. At least the government fixed the $64,000 dollar error on their part. Can you imagine getting that bill needless to say I was not a happy camper that day. Where would one come up with that kind of cash? But I am not the only person dealing with government screw ups. My friend J had to spend the last month proving that they had a third child whom is in grade 12.  I figured after the sixth trip into their offices I would be pulling my shirt up and showing the stretch marks lmao all in fun J.
 So this month I started teaching we had an amazing weekend of sewing and I think the ladies took something away with them. It was fun and scary all at the same time. I have also opened my studio up so if you care to come and sew with me your more than welcome. My first victim (pardon student) evil evil laugh was J. She took the workshop but since she does not own a machine or tools she came to finish her quilt at the studio. Well let me tell you for a girl that just turned 13 this month she did an great job. She finished her quilt including the binding and label. Okay we sewed the binding by machine which saved us much time. But I swear I have been doing more and more binding by machine these days. Unless the quilt is heading to a show or it's something really special to the machine it goes. Don't get me wrong I love doing binding by hand. The other thing is labels. Please quilters start doing labels. Matt Sparrows the man quilter bought a hand quilted quilt at VV yesterday for $20 dollars someone went to a lot of work on this quilt for it to end up having no voice. I told J while she was finishing her label that yes this was her first larger quilt , it's from a pattern but the thing that makes her quilt special is the label. It tells a story of the journey she took as a young girl. So the next owner will look at the quilt with different eyes. They are going to understand this was her first quilt, she is just learning so yes the stitching may not be perfect, it's not totally square but it's a right of passage. This teen has fallen in love with quilting and already planning her next quilt. (So if you know of someone getting rid of a sewing machine get back to me cause I would love to be able to help her along the way ) Any ways that has been this month hard to believe that it's almost over. I did finish my GST yesterday and filed it on line lets see how that works.
Now while the kids are watching movies today I may be able to get some invoicing done. Then tomorrow spend the day invoicing and decorating the yard. Rod is gone until Monday then home for five days then gone again. He says he has a ton of paperwork for me which means I need to clear up what is sitting here in my office. I swear it never ends. My question for the day is this, if a man and a woman had the same chore list what would be the time frame for completion for both of them??? Evil laugh just wondering cause I know my husband works hard but sometimes my family doesn't see what all has been done. Enjoy the day love to hear your views.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Winds of change.

Morning, taking a break from kids & quilting. Spent the morning dropping the kids off at school playing with the two that are here all day then back to school to pick up the kindergarten kids.  Will have to start thinking about lunch but that can wait while I type this and  drink my first cup of coffee. Fall is a time for change, the leaves change color , the air is changing where you can feel the winter winds coming. The kids are back to school and learning and moving into another stage of their lives. This year is no different in our house. Jordan is now 18 in university and well do I need to say it moving into another stage of his life. His schedule makes it so there are days when one does not see him. This did not bother me until this week when Rodney headed out of town on Sunday. This week it has basically been just me and the dog at home dealing with everything, which is nothing new but I have had a ton to deal with. This summer we had two hail storms roll in and needless to say our roof did not survive or that is what the guys said when they checked our roof. So dealing with insurance and adjusters, then will have to find a roofing company to do the work before the snow flies. Then my mom fell , well between her doctor and aide's phone calls I swear the phone was connected to my ear. We have finally convinced my mother that she really does need a phone. This is something we all have been working on for years but Doris (mom) would have nothing to do with a phone. So yesterday I spent hours on the phone making the arrangements to have one installed and me being billed so Doris does not see the bill. Well even my mother has come to the conclusion that her life is changing due to her age. Now on reflection I have an aging parent that is going to be needing more and more but with her medical history one can't move her closer to be able to deal with issues first hand. Tkg I have set into place some great people.  Change sometimes is a good thing and other times not so much. This October my little world is also going to change. I will be teaching part time, it's a small step but I am really looking forward to stretching my brain muscles for a change. And last month I designed my first quilt pattern so even I am trying to evolve. Small changes I know but still changes. Question of the day what changes are you experiencing and are they good changes? They say we need to shake things up a bit to evolve what do you think? Just a thought, now guess I should go make lunch for the kids, finish my class sample that is due today and get on with my day. Go enjoy yours because you know mine will be full fun and crazy.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Magic Fence

Morning All, well my magic fence has done it's job again. Okay for those that don't know I live at the end of a block so the alley runs beside my house then sidewalk and the main street in our community. When I need to get rid of something I put the item or items beside our fence. Well let me tell you this fence has magical powers cause it doesn't matter what I put there it's gone with in minutes. Yesterday I was in Purge mode, three trips to the thrift store, many trips across the street to sneak garbage into the neighbors bin. They are doing Reno's so they have one of those large bins on the front yard at the moment. Evil laugh Steve whom was helping me purge filled that bin. Good thing I don't know these people. But the items that really one could have sold or given away needed somewhere to go, so beside the fence they went. Large kennel , 150 pound punching bag, furniture , wood, shelving you name it those items where placed.  Well today is trash day so around I go with my recycle box and what do you know but everything was gone cleared away nowhere to be found. I am loving that fence. So yes I am at it again purging, watching my friend move and pack up junk made me look at our home and think if we had to move would one take what was in this house? Sunday ten bags of cloths and misc. items left the house, Tuesday Steve and I cleaned out the storage room and back closet. Like I said three trips where made to Value Village to donate. And today two more bags are in my truck ready to go . Last night all the shelves where removed from the hall closet and back closet then painting until 2:00 am this morning. Crazy I know but Jigsaw is coming in today to organize all my closets. They did such an amazing job with the studio three weeks ago that I am having them back to help get the stuff that is behind closed doors organized. Well me being me I would clean my home before the cleaning lady came ( no I don't have a cleaning lady sigh) so purging , cleaning and painting where all done saves time and money. So today should be fun wonder how much more I will purge think we are all done but one never knows when I get in this mode. Now I know that for the most part the things in my home are things that one wants around. My poor husband has no idea what I have been up to but I have not touched his closet (yet evil evil laugh) Plans for the rest of my week, finish up paperwork and invoicing so Rod doesn't have a cow, do class samples so Anne doesn't have a cow and somewhere in there get some sleep (Fat chance) So for those that are reading this and drinking your coffee have I made you tired?? Have a great day.

Monday, August 30, 2010

To Hire an Organizer ??

Well where has the summer gone? Mine has been so full one has not had time to have people over for a BBQ but that will change in the next couple of weeks we hope. Well let me tell you what I did last week even though I was sick as a dog. I hired an Organization company called Jigsaw Organization Inc.  Now I really did not know how they where going to turn my studio into something that would work better as for years I tried  everything to keep my fabrics safe, my threads in order all the beads, paints and art supplies in some kind of manageable order. Like most quilters we get into our space pull things out to find that perfect fabric then when we look up our working area looks like it blew up . And let me tell you I hate working in a mess so before I can start playing the area gets cleaned first which limits my play time ( things like family , house work, real work and the  dog seem to need my attention ). Well that was where Sharon and her gang promised to do there best . I kept telling her that she was missing a whole market of women that need her help but would not part with the tools of the trade. So she offered to come into my world and see what a quilter needed and what was so different about our little breed . The first visit I walked them through my world where most of my spare time is spent. (Yes even I have spare time ) . I clashed a little with the one lady because she wanted to remove the dogs bed as if I would let that happen, Luna is always close by . And she wanted my small fridge out.  When they left I was worried about what I had let myself in for ahhh. Then Sharon came back in a couple of days with their proposal, and walked me through what they wanted to do. She really wanted to hang all my fabric lmao. for those quilters can you imagine! Sharon laughed at me cause she said the look on my face needless to say hangers went to the side as not in this life time. I showed her how one goes about picking fabric for a project and it was clear how hangers just would not work. But these are the things she needed to find out so she could help over quilters.
Now is where I stepped up and once Sharron left I emptied my space cleaned everything out. I tore out the closet and fixed holes then painted. Borrowed a van and to Costco I went and bought the wall units that are now in the studio. Had talked to Sharron about them (it was her van) and JD and I built the Units. My son grumbled the whole time but I told him I was not paying someone good money for something we could do ourselves. Now in Jigsaws quote they had figured in doing all this, but me,  being a control freak  I  needed to do my part. Evil laugh. Plus really did need to try and keep the bill where I could justify it. On Thursday when the Ladies arrived it was ready for them to do their magic. Sharon had a speech planned just in case I got in the way. And off they went , I swear the three of them worked non stop all day folding sorting and just made my area sing. We purged a lot, now they normally take everything away but I said no way as all the books I had and magazines would be loved by my quilting friends. So I loaded them up into my car to take to the shop. ( The ladies where on them like white on rice). It was amazing I had purged before Jigsaw came cause I bought the new desks and got rid of a ton but still six bags went to my van. No Fabric was hurt in the process. Nothing I needed, would use, or valued left. Yes some purging was done and I was honest regarding my books and what really I needed to keep.(Nothing came back into the space after they left). The ladies took the garbage away so that it was not by my fence all week, they took some containers that I no longer needed that they could use and they left with me doing the Happy Dance over my new space. So when my husband saw the space here is what I told him . I had been trying to get this space to work for me for three yrs. My projects where always organized but the rest did not work well at all. Was it worth the expense ? Yes and then some! It's clean, bright, organized, homes for everything and anyone can find what they need in this space. I can now create with out making a huge mess, there is space to teach and work . What more could I ask for. So for those that need some help consider hiring an Organization company if your in Calgary contact me I can hook you up to some amazing Ladies.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Keeping in touch.

Afternoon , Just taking a break from working on the long arm. Trying to challenge myself and expand my skills but it all takes time and practice. Doing laundry , listening to the television and enjoying a simple Sunday. Later will be burning burgers on the BBQ. Okay will not burn them but that's the plans for the day.
So yesterday we hosted a dinner for friends that are moving from Calgary to Saskatoon. We had a great time lots of people, great food good company. Our friends where saying we would have to come visit them. Which got me to thinking. Bad thing I know. Anyways they are moving about six hours away. Guess that's not far but would I make the trip? Sorry to say don't think it will happen. My in laws live only four hours away and I can count how many times we have visited in the last five years on one hand. Not that we don't love them it's just life. It seems between kids sports, work , chores and just running the house and gardens time just flies by. Just seems  you almost have to plan for a drive . Rod wants to do more car trips but I hate being in the car for more than an hour . We have friends in Kelowna and still have not made it to their home , would like to but scheduling seems to be an issue. We have other friends that just hop in their car and go leave Saturday come home Sunday and just  go with the flow. Mind you I look at our life and understand why it's hard getting away. In the next month all our weekends are filled with one thing or another that we can't change . Thank goodness for our back yard. For those that have never been to our little slice of heaven come all are welcome. Well guess that was all that was on my mind. Just wondering if other people have that problem when friends move. Do we keep in contact or do we lose it. Face book has made it so that I am now in contact with people I have not seen in years or that matter decades. Just something to get you to thinking.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well back from vacation had a great time in New York. What a great city and we will go back in the future My husband said we would be making another trip just the two of us in the next couple of years.
 So today I hired an organizer. I have a friend that runs a company that specializes in organizing ones home, office and what ever you need. This is something one would not picture me needing but my studio gets clean then before one knows it well it looks like a boom went off in it. Plus I am a visual person so if I can't see it well out of site out of mind. Thinking it's time to get professionals in so that my studio is always clean and workable. Can't seem to work in it if it's a mess so some days will spend an hour cleaning so can play for two hours to have the mess all over again.. Evil laugh just how I work. So hoping this helps. We are trading services instead of handing over cash. This is how we have been saving money and still getting what we need done .  Got the fence done, gave our friend Denise's name to a few friends and he got so much work he did our fence for free. Works for us that's for sure. With the purse strings being so tight these days for a lot of us it's nice to be able to exchange services instead of cash. How are you saving money would love to hear idea's on ways to save. Plus anyways to keep my studio clean would be helpfull. Now guess one should see what needs to get done go wake up the kid then deal with my day. Chat later.

Friday, June 25, 2010

How does are Brains work?

Morning, so just wondering how the brain works. For example I never forget things I read, watch or learn but things like a persons name another story. In my world if I call you sweetie or honey  my family and friends know I can't recall your name. This has plagued me my whole life. If you are not someone that I know will be in my life for a while I just don't register your name. Don't do this on purpose just happens. Now faces never forget, so if I have met you well you will get one killer smile from me but chances are you will be sweety. My brain just does not waste space holding names. Silly just wondering if anyone else has this problem? I also do this regarding my Anniversary. I swear that date eludes my memory. Been married now for 26 yrs. Husband came home from business and kisses me and says Happy Anniversary. Ah should put date on calendar but to be honest still would forget about it. So what is my mind doing? Just a thought nothing more but what do you think and how does your mind work.

We all tick a little different which is a good thing. I am looking after a 10 month old child and let me tell you , you can see exactly what he is thinking. Its amazing watching him discover the world and how it works. The older kids you know what they are thinking cause they have not mastered the cover up .

So I consider myself a creative soul and my mind is always spinning and seeing the world in a much different way than say my son or husband. My husband sees everything in black and white, where I think our son sees the world through sound. Guess that's what makes each person special we see things differently.

Anyways just wondering , So today I will be working on a quilt that I promised a friend over two yrs ago. Been working on it non stop for the last week . Hoping to finish it tomorrow. Been letting the creative side of the brain work this week. Nice to be free with what I am doing. Then will spend the afternoon Baking for the weekend. Archery Camp this weekend for us which we all love. Get to see people we have not seen since last camp. And yes there will be lots of people I will call honey. giggle giggle. So Rod and I will bake up a storm. Today's the day you should come for coffee cause you would get a fresh cookie to go with it.
Well I shall close for now but let me know how your brain works .

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What fills your energy tanks

Good morning, the sun is trying to sneak out from behind the clouds but don't know if it's going to win the battle but such is life. I don't know about you all but I hate the rain it makes me curl up under a quilt and read. Not saying reading is a bad thing cause we all should try and read more but it's the cocooning that I do . Lately due to the weather I have not been my happy creative little soul. It had been over two weeks since I last touched my sewing machine. And almost a month since I worked on anything special. Well this had effected my personality in ways that I did not Know. Two friends called to see if I was okay and doing well because they where worried. It was eyeopening to say the least. Well on the weekend I picked up a new book and a CD. Then on Sunday finally got into the Studio to play. Started and finished a block for my friend Sandra. Which jump started my spirits.Then thought I would start a new quilt following the pattern. Me follow a pattern with out changing it to make it my own what a thought. giggle giggle. So started making the blocks. Not sure about my color picks once I saw the completed blocks. That's okay cause I can always use it for the background of a new creation. Any ways went to my class last night took the fabric I had been using on these new blocks and used them in Class. Well guess what four different blocks later some abstract designs and now I know where this new quilt is heading. Sorry Eleanor Burns just could not stay in your box. As the creative box exploded I could feel my energy levels rising. Ah to have my energy tanks get filled up was what my spirit needed. So how do you charge your soul or spirit? That's the question of the day. I know for me it's playing in the garden, making a batch of cookies or a cake but most importantly for me is to let the creativity flow. The more one plays and lets the mind play the happier the spirit feels for me. My Grandmother painted , my mother draws, and I have always struggled because I am creative but could not say I was an artist like the women in my life. Now quilting is not consider an art form by most In my world the quilts I make are an expression of myself in some way.The ones I love the most take on a life of their own and one never knows where they will take me but I hold on a enjoy the ride. So today my Energy tanks are full , the creative juices are flowing and Deb's in happy mode. Welcome back evil giggle. Now tell me what fills your Energy tanks.
About the picture someone said I could not do a mini Bargello ha the creativity flowed the day it was made!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Joys of Living in this Area !

Hello, what a crazy day our weather has been here in Calgary. Since Monday I spent it clean out flower beds, putting up the gazebo, putting out the day bed and lawn furniture, Setting up Hot Tub and just generally working hard so that this weekend all one has to do is bring out the coffee and morning paper and enjoy sitting out on our deck knowing the chores have been done. All the hanging baskets have been hug, flower beds are now ready to be filled but this is the fun things which we enjoy doing.On Wednsday after a couple of  hard days working  outside had a good Friend over for dinner and glass of wine plus a catch up. Then dropped her off at home. Came back changed into my swimming suite and hopped into our new hot tub which I set up on Monday. Here is a picture of Luna being the first one to use it. Could not explain to the dog it was not a water bed ! She loves the heat. Then another friend came over and we soaked in the tub while watching American Idol ( A couple of wine coolers in hand) So Monday was hot Tuesday was nice , Wednesday was wonderful taking full advantage of the spring and nice weather. Well this morning woke up to rain rain and more rain. Had only two kids today so they played while I did some paperwork. Then let me tell you this is what I looked out the window at just after lunch. Can you imagine ahhh. I now have hanging plants in the shower and under the gazebo. There are 30 tomato plants in our kitchen really glad did not get to those. So if you live in a warm area enjoy and just remember some of us deal with snow at the stupidest times.
 Just think it's Heritage Parks festival of quilts this weekend and I know if there is snow on the ground I will not be attending. Got to love Calgary. But if you do get a chance go to heritage park and take a look at the amazing quilts you might even see my newest crazy. Froggie went a courting. Snow still shaking my head.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Makes you think if it's really better?

Morning, just going through my emails which in it's self is funny to think about. At one time we would be going through the mail. Well if your mail is like mine all there seems to be is bills and junk mail. Mind you emails are just about the same. You weed through all the junk people send you for example all the chain style letters. Then you have all the jokes and pictures but really it seems no one really takes the time to write anymore. I use to love sending letters and getting them. They where in your hands you could feel them , see them and know that the sender was really taking time out of there day to sit and write you. I still write a few people for one reason or another. I wrote my Husbands grandmother every week for years till she passed, nothing important was said in them but what we where up to that week. And well I know she enjoyed getting those letters. At Christmas I always take the time to write and post a letter with our Christmas cards to catch everyone up. But someone told me about three years ago they hate getting letters like that cause it was look here is what we are doing and the kids are doing so well etc.( Note this person never got a letter from me) Never thought about it like that although I have never been one that brags about the Kid.  Anyways I think this is why I like to Blog and use face book. Some where out in cyberspace another person is wanting to connect with another soul. It's like having a pen pal. Chances of you meeting that person is not high but you enjoy writing them. Last month I met a person that I had made friends on face book. It was amazing to put a face to the notes on the screen. Plus I think we clicked right away and know we will be friends for a long time. So the question of the day is ... What would you rather have a letter posted through the mail or a email which is better? Anyways that's what was on my mind when I started Blogging. So Yesterday finally got into the garden. Did some clean up and wow I have more hours to go but it will happen. Then worked on finishing this wall hanging. It sure feels like spring is finally here. When my husband got home he put together our new fire place in the backyard and this weekend he will be fixing our fence. Someone decided that they should take it out. NICE. And before the leaves come out on the trees and bushes it's time to paint the fence and shed. The joys of summer , can hardly wait to be able to work and play outside. End the day with a wine cooler while visiting with friends. Big sigh. Must get the work done before one can play. Now guess one should close this and head into the day so off I go to get that coffee and see what my day will bring.

Monday, May 10, 2010

How does your Garden Grow?

It's May, which in my world means one starts thinking about the garden and what one plans to do with it. In the City of Calgary the main gardening rule is this, Do not plant until after the May long weekend. So you do the math we have a really short growing season. Things are popping up  all over my garden and I want to uncover the new growth but it will wait for another two weeks so that the greens are protected until after the last crazy snow we will get. Now if you have to start gardening here are some things you can do to save you money and meet your neighbors. Go for a walk, look at all the gardens in the area most gardeners have plants they need to split or move or for that matter just give away. I know I am always looking to share as my plants seem to start taking over the space in no time flat. So ask and you may just met your newest friend. Plus you just saved yourself at least fifty bucks at the garden centre. Also start going to yard sales, if you think outside the box you may find that one item that will go into your garden with out you spending a ton. People are always giving crazy things away that if you rework you might just have that special thing in the garden that makes people stop and look at your yard. And really who cares what the weather does to them it was cheap. I buy mirrors for my fence at yard sales and then hang them , it adds depth to my small yard  plus I can see what the kids are doing and they wonder how. Evil laugh. Old yard furniture can be painted. Last year I tried to give this old garden bistro set away for free to friends and no one would take it. Well a trip to the hardware store 4 cans of spray paint. Yellow, Blue, Red and a bright green a couple of hours of work and now the Bistro set is amazing. Plus the one friend said she would love to have them now. Hits of color in the yard also help. I plant perennials and to say the least they are not showy flowers, or they are but for a short time. But add some yard art that has color and it's interesting. No I don't do garden gnome's !!! Okay yes I have one but it gets moved around the gardens like the traveling gnome. And when you come to our house for a BBQ if you are the first to find it you get the door prize. Last summer many quilted table runners where given this way. It's a good party game and the kids love finding new places to hid it. So I hope I have given you some idea's and maybe inspired you to think outside the box when it comes time to start playing in your garden. If your around this summer you can always raid my garden or come yard sailing with us. It's time to get some fresh Air. Thinking maybe the first BBQ will have to start being planned. Well now go and enjoy your day cause I sure am.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring is Here ????

Afternoon everyone, taking a break right now the kids are eating papaya fruit and dogs are asleep. The wind and snow outside is just crazy stupid. Well I will say one thing about weather like this it makes you want to stay under a quilt and read a book. This is not in my cards today as well last week I did not do paperwork or invoicing for that matter anything I normally do. Quilts Canada was my main focus. But got into the swing of things this week. Cleaned the studio and reorganized. You would think this would be a simple process but I swear I can purge like a crazy fool when it comes to everyday things but quilting stuff I can't seem to let go cause you may need it . The words every man uses when talking about nuts and bolts. My fathers voice rings in my head lol. Well it took two days to finally do it all. My fabrics are in a hutch so they will no longer be exposed to the sun. They are organized by color and let me tell you one would think I would have a ton of Purple but in fact Blue is the one that is over flowing.  My closet is now organize and one can see everything and everything has a home .The cutting table is now totally set up so I can cut most anything. Sewing station is cleaned dust bunnies gone. So when I get my sewing machine back it's space is clean. Time for it's Oil Lube and Filter to be done.  Just like my car one needs to keep it in good running order and annual cleanings are important. So while it is in the shop the invoicing will get done cause well there is no distractions. Hard to get my homework done but well that's just life.
At quilts Canada we went to a lecture on organizing ones sewing room. Well let me tell you some ladies sure make wonderful quilts in shitty spaces. I left feeling good about my studio but could improve a few things which I think happened this week. Didn't take much away from that lecture other than knowing my work space was more than most have. So what does your spaces look like does it function the way it should. You may not quilt but where you create does it work for you? So many people work at the dinning room table and the lighting may not be great so take this thought away today. You deserve your own space to work so claim some space in your home that is just yours. That's a thought I have a friend that writes and she needs to find that space to write. That amazing novel needs a jumping off point. Well since I have now wasted thirty minutes doing this should get back to invoicing and cleaning up the mess the kids are making . Go and enjoy your day even if it's snowing. ahhhhhhhh

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Monkey Business

Good morning, sun is out and I am heading to the convention centre to pick up my quilt. It was an amazing week. The quilts in Quilts Canada where works of art even mine fit right in (well I hope it did). Although seeing all those wonderful quilts has inspired me to kick it up a notch. It's a good thing to have a challenge even if it is one you set for yourself. So for those that know me look out cause the crazy is just about to get worse. Evil laugh, the newest quilt idea is floating in my head waiting to break forth. I even met Matt the quilting Man at the show and think I have found the right person to quilt my quilts. Plus I think all his kids are going to love my monkeys. Yes the new quilt will be filled with flying monkeys, monkeys in a barrel I don't know how many but I am up for a little monkey business. lol. Like I said it's in my head right now. Would love your impute cause well the more the merrier. 
So my face book friend packed up her bags and headed back to Montana, truck loaded not with to much extra but with a new quilt sitting on the seat beside her. Yes she was the first person in Deb's quilting boot camp. In just five days we started and finished a lap size quilt. Taught her the Disappearing Nine patch quilt. We got the top done borders on and then headed downstairs to the long arm. There I taught her how to load the quilt. She has the same frame as I have and has owned it for over a yr but has not used it because the instructions suck. Quilt loaded and off she went. Training wheels off. She did a great job and will improve with more practice. Words I should heed as I am way to hard on myself and my skills. Then Made Her load a second quilt with out my help so that once home she knows what she is doing. Then she started quilting the second quilt. She made the mistake of not checking her back for thread tension and we had three inches all across the quilt to take out. Note to self when teaching don't leave for ten minutes to deal with something else. Will not do that one again. Finished the Binding, now mind you it was done on the machine and not by hand because well this is not a show piece its one to put on a table or chair. Did a sleeve and label. Yes people you should always do a label. The quilt we made was nothing special to anyone else but us, but in years to come when some one buys this quilt at a yard sale for ten dollars they will turn it over and read why and by whom this quilt was made by. On our label it explains that it was her first real visit to Canada she met me and we worked on this together while attending the quilt show. It's a quilt we made getting to know each other and I know it's a good memory that I will add to my quilting journey in my memory. Sappy I know. But when it passes onto another person they will know it is a special quilt for those reasons. Well anyways we had a good time this week going up the Calgary Tower , heading to Drumheller in a snow storm, Getting soaked looking into Horseshoe Canyon. It was a good time. It was nice meeting someone that I had been chatting to on face book. Now I have a real face for that person. Hope some of you all get that chance. Well should go get that quilt Enjoy your day and set a goal to improve something in your life.  ;)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quilt Canada

Today was a good day , spent time with a friend working on a quilt she had never done. We visited and got to know each other. This wonderful women came into my life through a block exchange. We got to know each other on Facebook. The joys of the internet. It's funny cause well she has been married almost as long as Rod and I have. And we share similar interests. She took the leap of faith that us Canadians where kind people and is staying with us for the week to enjoy Quilts Canada. Yesterday she arrived and hope she felt welcomed. Anyways today I was a slave driver. lol can you imagine evil giggle I worked her fingers to the bone working on a disappearing nine patch. We got the top done and will get the borders on in the next day or so. Then it was off to My Sewing room , to see the biggest quilt store in Canada. Met up with another friend whom also was in the block exchange then headed to Along came quilting to get our free 6 1/2 inch square . Free is free, bought a book which really I did not need but quilting is not about need. Mark Lapinski  said that last night to us at his trunk show. We laughter so hard our sides hurt!!!  So after our small quilt hopping we headed to dinner enjoyed a wonderful meal and off to quilts Canada we went. I must say when we arrived and I signed in and a rush of fear filled my soul. What was I thinking that I would even consider doing such a silly thing. Standing and waiting to hear my name which sad to say was not called. Yep No ribbon for my quilt. But while I was waiting surrounded by fellow quilters there was much joy for all the winners cause we all understood that each quilt was made with love, much care and thought so we where all winners in some way or another. Heading into the show to see these amazing works of art inspired the three of us. We want to improve, and push a little bit harder to challege our selfs. Floating through I know that I need to improve in alot of area's but also know that so many amazing teachers have already brought us so far in our journey . And if we don't say it we should show these amazing teachers how they inspire us. So my goal is to show those ladies that look you gave me these skills and I am using them to my fullest. They have inspired and I hope that I can inspire someone in some way. Now I am setting a challenge out which is to do your best cause you don't know when or how but you can also inspire in some way. Well it's time for bed cause tomorrow we are heading to Drumheller , Alberta so my Friend can see a little bit of our wonder country. Night

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good morning world, such a gloomy day here in the city of Calgary but my mindset is sunny and cheerful. Think one has to be that way even when the world around you seems grey. Thought for today, if you surround yourself with the colors that make you feel something does it change how you look at life and live? I quilt with amazing colors sometimes way to many but it makes my soul sings. A teacher told me I read bright never thought about it before that moment. Then it made me take a look how the quilters around me pick and choose colors. We all choose colors to work with and decorate with because it's what makes our eyes happy. So if you always pick creams and light colors what does that say about you , or if you pick crazy bold colors does that mean that's you. Scary thought ! So when I painted my kitchen / dinning room this bright green what does it say about me? I love it while one of my friends asked when I would repaint it. She really dislikes it. For years my home was white or cream the furniture the same but now color is beginning to take hold and my family and I are living in color. As I told my friend it's just paint one can pick up a brush and repaint when it's time to sell as we all can't live with such color. So what colors does your eye read , are you afraid of color this is something that seems interesting what do you think? Just putting it out there, now one must head back to my normal life dealing with kids, messes to clean, house work to do, office to run etc. Spent yesterday working on a baby quilt which started at 11 and was finished at 4 to give away at 7. Needless to say did not do much yesterday so today must kick it into high gear . Have  a great sunny day .

Sunday, April 11, 2010

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Crazy messy

As I sit in my studio surrounded by fabric, paints, buttons and beads it's a miracle anything gets done. It's an organized mess. It gets cleaned at least once a week but when the brain waves start spinning the area reflects the shock waves. I am a visual person so if I don't see it then well I forget where I put things (could be old age) . The goals I have set this year are high which means one does have to focus on keeping the mess in check. So how do you keep things organized? Thats the question of the day. Yesterday I cleaned my house from top to bottom so I did not have to deal with my paperwork and messy studio. Today I am here surrounded by paper and not wanting to deal with it but one must. Right that's why I am blogging lol , to avoid avoid avoid. I have started organizing other area's of my home with some small things but wow some I wish I had thought about years ago. In the kitchen I put hooks up on the cupboard doors on the inside. There hang my measuring spoons, cups and tools to bake. It has made things alot faster and one knows where everything is. Also label everthing and put food in containers rather than leaving in packaging takes up alot less space. Little house need all the space I can find. Been purging this week and will take advantage of Craigs list or Kijji free is free. Well guess one should really face the paper Hope the day finds you well and would love to hear how you organize that one might use .

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Well another Easter has come and gone. In my world that means that winter is just about over and spring is on its way . Although in Calgary we do nothing until the May long weeknd cause it's going to snow at least afew more times. So my goal this week is to work out in the yard and gardens when I can enjoy the process and have a head start before the Long weeknd so maybe my family can do something together. Now that is getting harder and harder as Jordan our son gets older. Enjoy your time with your kids when they are young cause I swear once they are teens they have thier own lives and friends. Well today it's a little cold so I think I will purge my closet. My Friend Donna will like this cause well I give her the bags she takes what she likes then does the value villiage drop. Rule one when you own a little house when something new comes into the house something old or not used has to go. This last two weeks we have been in purge mode and more has gone out than what has come in which is a good thing. So today's goal is for at least one bag of cloths to go out as I bought four new shirts last week. They where from Value Villiage so not new but new to me I plan to add alittle something to each shirt to practice my embroidery skills. Anyways that's my day today what are your plans for today and the week. Remember if you set goals they do get done. Take last week  I wanted to start and finish an easter quilt it was started on Good Friday and finished the next day. See above picture it was a small goal but once I set my mind that this would be done for easter it was. Mind you it is now in the closet cause I don't have a home for it. lol. So whats your goal this week, would love to see your comments. For now it's back to the grind. chat later.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just back from Folk club, if one gets a chance there is nothing better than live music and theatre. Tonight we watched Barney Bentall, Tom Taylor and Shari Ulrich play. We laughted , cryed and just enjoyed the night. Met friends for dinner and drinks before the show. Then it was off to the show. The opening act was a Mary Flower what an amazing talent she can make a guitar sing. I hate to admit it but the canadian folk scene is not something I know alot about because well our artists in canada don't get the same exposer as the americans , am learning and my collection of CD's is growing . So there was my saturday night all wrapped up in a bow. The day was just as full, Rod made breakfast and then we where off in all different directions. Class for me - Learing how to do embroidery Love this class although I challenge the teacher. Today we where making 3-D flowers, Humming Birds, and Calalillies that where to go onto a easter egg wall hanging. Did the embroidery but let me tell you no silly easter egg will be going on my walls. Evil laugh coming your way. I added them to this really cool art panel I have been making for the last couple of months picture is here although I could have figured out how to turn it around for better viewing. At least I am learning how to post pictures it's a step in the right direction. Well that was a day in my life hope one was not bored reading this and all your comments are welcome. It's sunday now and off to bed I go. Have a great sunday do something fun and enjoy the day. D.D. ;)

Friday, March 26, 2010

The joys of blogging ahhh , today would like to figure out how to add pictures and slides so that I can start posting quilt designs and walk you through the process so that if something looks like fun a person might try there hand at making a simple quilt. Last night I was taking a class to make a disappearing nine patch. Really easy and I have made a couple of them in the past. I only took the class cause I have this fun kids pannel with the ABC's and I wanted to know how to get the placement of the letters right. Well I thought it would be fun to use my new camera and walk you through the process from start to finish. This will happen but maybe not today as well my brain is not working to it's fullest today. So I will do the quilt today take the pictures and post them tomorrow when I have the time to figure out this crazy mess I made for myself. Other than that the day is unfolding under a cloud of rain. I will load the dishes, and put in a load of laundry, then hit the day running. My friend Sandra spent the night and we had a wonderful breakfast and visit this morning before Jordan (my son) took her to the station so she could head to work and him to school. Then I will pull something out of the freezer for dinner cause Rodney will be home sometime today. And between all of that I will play with the kids, and try to finish my homework for class tomorrow. The day is just going to fly by! So my goal today is to have a clean house, dinner on the table before I head out to Class tonight. If this gets done it frees up the weeknd to enjoy with the family. I hate having to do housework on the weeknds . So what goals have you set for your self today. Lets here them and also if there is something you might like to learn we could do it together. Lets have some comments. hugs. D.D. ;)