Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Well another Easter has come and gone. In my world that means that winter is just about over and spring is on its way . Although in Calgary we do nothing until the May long weeknd cause it's going to snow at least afew more times. So my goal this week is to work out in the yard and gardens when I can enjoy the process and have a head start before the Long weeknd so maybe my family can do something together. Now that is getting harder and harder as Jordan our son gets older. Enjoy your time with your kids when they are young cause I swear once they are teens they have thier own lives and friends. Well today it's a little cold so I think I will purge my closet. My Friend Donna will like this cause well I give her the bags she takes what she likes then does the value villiage drop. Rule one when you own a little house when something new comes into the house something old or not used has to go. This last two weeks we have been in purge mode and more has gone out than what has come in which is a good thing. So today's goal is for at least one bag of cloths to go out as I bought four new shirts last week. They where from Value Villiage so not new but new to me I plan to add alittle something to each shirt to practice my embroidery skills. Anyways that's my day today what are your plans for today and the week. Remember if you set goals they do get done. Take last week  I wanted to start and finish an easter quilt it was started on Good Friday and finished the next day. See above picture it was a small goal but once I set my mind that this would be done for easter it was. Mind you it is now in the closet cause I don't have a home for it. lol. So whats your goal this week, would love to see your comments. For now it's back to the grind. chat later.