Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well back from vacation had a great time in New York. What a great city and we will go back in the future My husband said we would be making another trip just the two of us in the next couple of years.
 So today I hired an organizer. I have a friend that runs a company that specializes in organizing ones home, office and what ever you need. This is something one would not picture me needing but my studio gets clean then before one knows it well it looks like a boom went off in it. Plus I am a visual person so if I can't see it well out of site out of mind. Thinking it's time to get professionals in so that my studio is always clean and workable. Can't seem to work in it if it's a mess so some days will spend an hour cleaning so can play for two hours to have the mess all over again.. Evil laugh just how I work. So hoping this helps. We are trading services instead of handing over cash. This is how we have been saving money and still getting what we need done .  Got the fence done, gave our friend Denise's name to a few friends and he got so much work he did our fence for free. Works for us that's for sure. With the purse strings being so tight these days for a lot of us it's nice to be able to exchange services instead of cash. How are you saving money would love to hear idea's on ways to save. Plus anyways to keep my studio clean would be helpfull. Now guess one should see what needs to get done go wake up the kid then deal with my day. Chat later.