Monday, May 10, 2010

How does your Garden Grow?

It's May, which in my world means one starts thinking about the garden and what one plans to do with it. In the City of Calgary the main gardening rule is this, Do not plant until after the May long weekend. So you do the math we have a really short growing season. Things are popping up  all over my garden and I want to uncover the new growth but it will wait for another two weeks so that the greens are protected until after the last crazy snow we will get. Now if you have to start gardening here are some things you can do to save you money and meet your neighbors. Go for a walk, look at all the gardens in the area most gardeners have plants they need to split or move or for that matter just give away. I know I am always looking to share as my plants seem to start taking over the space in no time flat. So ask and you may just met your newest friend. Plus you just saved yourself at least fifty bucks at the garden centre. Also start going to yard sales, if you think outside the box you may find that one item that will go into your garden with out you spending a ton. People are always giving crazy things away that if you rework you might just have that special thing in the garden that makes people stop and look at your yard. And really who cares what the weather does to them it was cheap. I buy mirrors for my fence at yard sales and then hang them , it adds depth to my small yard  plus I can see what the kids are doing and they wonder how. Evil laugh. Old yard furniture can be painted. Last year I tried to give this old garden bistro set away for free to friends and no one would take it. Well a trip to the hardware store 4 cans of spray paint. Yellow, Blue, Red and a bright green a couple of hours of work and now the Bistro set is amazing. Plus the one friend said she would love to have them now. Hits of color in the yard also help. I plant perennials and to say the least they are not showy flowers, or they are but for a short time. But add some yard art that has color and it's interesting. No I don't do garden gnome's !!! Okay yes I have one but it gets moved around the gardens like the traveling gnome. And when you come to our house for a BBQ if you are the first to find it you get the door prize. Last summer many quilted table runners where given this way. It's a good party game and the kids love finding new places to hid it. So I hope I have given you some idea's and maybe inspired you to think outside the box when it comes time to start playing in your garden. If your around this summer you can always raid my garden or come yard sailing with us. It's time to get some fresh Air. Thinking maybe the first BBQ will have to start being planned. Well now go and enjoy your day cause I sure am.