Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quilt Canada

Today was a good day , spent time with a friend working on a quilt she had never done. We visited and got to know each other. This wonderful women came into my life through a block exchange. We got to know each other on Facebook. The joys of the internet. It's funny cause well she has been married almost as long as Rod and I have. And we share similar interests. She took the leap of faith that us Canadians where kind people and is staying with us for the week to enjoy Quilts Canada. Yesterday she arrived and hope she felt welcomed. Anyways today I was a slave driver. lol can you imagine evil giggle I worked her fingers to the bone working on a disappearing nine patch. We got the top done and will get the borders on in the next day or so. Then it was off to My Sewing room , to see the biggest quilt store in Canada. Met up with another friend whom also was in the block exchange then headed to Along came quilting to get our free 6 1/2 inch square . Free is free, bought a book which really I did not need but quilting is not about need. Mark Lapinski  said that last night to us at his trunk show. We laughter so hard our sides hurt!!!  So after our small quilt hopping we headed to dinner enjoyed a wonderful meal and off to quilts Canada we went. I must say when we arrived and I signed in and a rush of fear filled my soul. What was I thinking that I would even consider doing such a silly thing. Standing and waiting to hear my name which sad to say was not called. Yep No ribbon for my quilt. But while I was waiting surrounded by fellow quilters there was much joy for all the winners cause we all understood that each quilt was made with love, much care and thought so we where all winners in some way or another. Heading into the show to see these amazing works of art inspired the three of us. We want to improve, and push a little bit harder to challege our selfs. Floating through I know that I need to improve in alot of area's but also know that so many amazing teachers have already brought us so far in our journey . And if we don't say it we should show these amazing teachers how they inspire us. So my goal is to show those ladies that look you gave me these skills and I am using them to my fullest. They have inspired and I hope that I can inspire someone in some way. Now I am setting a challenge out which is to do your best cause you don't know when or how but you can also inspire in some way. Well it's time for bed cause tomorrow we are heading to Drumheller , Alberta so my Friend can see a little bit of our wonder country. Night