Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Crazy

Just checking my list of things to do before the holiday crazy begins. We all have those lists even if it's just in our heads. Who's on our Christmas shopping list, when will you have time to write that letter to go into the cards. What events will be happening that we need to plan for. And how is one going to pay for it all. So the crazy begins. Each year I swear we set ourselves up to drive ourselves and our loved ones crazy. For example I am thinking about my cards and letter but before I even get fingers to the computer low and behold my first Christmas card will be in the mail box from my mother. How this crazy lady does it every year still amazes me, but hers will be our first card and that's my Que to get my butt in gear and send out the cards. Could do it today but know I will wait until next week before it's done. And that's how we set ourselves up for the crazy. Now don't get me wrong my Christmas shopping is done yes you read that right. I start on boxing day for the next year. Sales baby Sales. Plus picking things up all year helps to spread the cost over the year rather than during November and December. This allows our family to do more with out having to pay in the next year. Planning ahead always. So my plan for this year is to keep it simple ( Laughing so hard right now) Okay yes I am keeping it Simple -  which in my world this year it means to Share , Implement, Multi task, Plan, Laugh and Enjoy. Keeping it Simple. So no stressing ones self out cause the tree is not perfect or those cookies are a  little burnt . Over the last couple of years I have come to figure out that no you don't need to decorate upstairs and downstairs, each room does not have to reflect the season it just needs to be clean for your company. Your friends are coming to visit you so  if there is a cookie to offer wonderful if not I am sure the company is still much better . So you can see the plan forming evil laugh, yes my friends will becoming over to bake , my family will decorate the tree together even if it takes until Christmas eve to get everyone in the same province and we will enjoy it. Now lets see if I can keep it simple .

 Right now finishing up a quilt for JD's girlfriend , have Christmas towels to finish sewing, Have to arrange Christmas party for the wonderful women I sew with on Fridays , well you get the picture. On the bright side already ahead of the game because it's still November. Now to get off this machine and start working on a class sample. This Sunday am teaching all day so if you want to come play and make a Secret Santa to give or keep come play with me at My Sewing Room, thinking the class still has space (call the store for more information)  Promise it will be done before Christmas. So there you have it my plans, so what do you have planned and will you drive yourself crazy?