Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Joys of Living in this Area !

Hello, what a crazy day our weather has been here in Calgary. Since Monday I spent it clean out flower beds, putting up the gazebo, putting out the day bed and lawn furniture, Setting up Hot Tub and just generally working hard so that this weekend all one has to do is bring out the coffee and morning paper and enjoy sitting out on our deck knowing the chores have been done. All the hanging baskets have been hug, flower beds are now ready to be filled but this is the fun things which we enjoy doing.On Wednsday after a couple of  hard days working  outside had a good Friend over for dinner and glass of wine plus a catch up. Then dropped her off at home. Came back changed into my swimming suite and hopped into our new hot tub which I set up on Monday. Here is a picture of Luna being the first one to use it. Could not explain to the dog it was not a water bed ! She loves the heat. Then another friend came over and we soaked in the tub while watching American Idol ( A couple of wine coolers in hand) So Monday was hot Tuesday was nice , Wednesday was wonderful taking full advantage of the spring and nice weather. Well this morning woke up to rain rain and more rain. Had only two kids today so they played while I did some paperwork. Then let me tell you this is what I looked out the window at just after lunch. Can you imagine ahhh. I now have hanging plants in the shower and under the gazebo. There are 30 tomato plants in our kitchen really glad did not get to those. So if you live in a warm area enjoy and just remember some of us deal with snow at the stupidest times.
 Just think it's Heritage Parks festival of quilts this weekend and I know if there is snow on the ground I will not be attending. Got to love Calgary. But if you do get a chance go to heritage park and take a look at the amazing quilts you might even see my newest crazy. Froggie went a courting. Snow still shaking my head.