Sunday, May 2, 2010

Monkey Business

Good morning, sun is out and I am heading to the convention centre to pick up my quilt. It was an amazing week. The quilts in Quilts Canada where works of art even mine fit right in (well I hope it did). Although seeing all those wonderful quilts has inspired me to kick it up a notch. It's a good thing to have a challenge even if it is one you set for yourself. So for those that know me look out cause the crazy is just about to get worse. Evil laugh, the newest quilt idea is floating in my head waiting to break forth. I even met Matt the quilting Man at the show and think I have found the right person to quilt my quilts. Plus I think all his kids are going to love my monkeys. Yes the new quilt will be filled with flying monkeys, monkeys in a barrel I don't know how many but I am up for a little monkey business. lol. Like I said it's in my head right now. Would love your impute cause well the more the merrier. 
So my face book friend packed up her bags and headed back to Montana, truck loaded not with to much extra but with a new quilt sitting on the seat beside her. Yes she was the first person in Deb's quilting boot camp. In just five days we started and finished a lap size quilt. Taught her the Disappearing Nine patch quilt. We got the top done borders on and then headed downstairs to the long arm. There I taught her how to load the quilt. She has the same frame as I have and has owned it for over a yr but has not used it because the instructions suck. Quilt loaded and off she went. Training wheels off. She did a great job and will improve with more practice. Words I should heed as I am way to hard on myself and my skills. Then Made Her load a second quilt with out my help so that once home she knows what she is doing. Then she started quilting the second quilt. She made the mistake of not checking her back for thread tension and we had three inches all across the quilt to take out. Note to self when teaching don't leave for ten minutes to deal with something else. Will not do that one again. Finished the Binding, now mind you it was done on the machine and not by hand because well this is not a show piece its one to put on a table or chair. Did a sleeve and label. Yes people you should always do a label. The quilt we made was nothing special to anyone else but us, but in years to come when some one buys this quilt at a yard sale for ten dollars they will turn it over and read why and by whom this quilt was made by. On our label it explains that it was her first real visit to Canada she met me and we worked on this together while attending the quilt show. It's a quilt we made getting to know each other and I know it's a good memory that I will add to my quilting journey in my memory. Sappy I know. But when it passes onto another person they will know it is a special quilt for those reasons. Well anyways we had a good time this week going up the Calgary Tower , heading to Drumheller in a snow storm, Getting soaked looking into Horseshoe Canyon. It was a good time. It was nice meeting someone that I had been chatting to on face book. Now I have a real face for that person. Hope some of you all get that chance. Well should go get that quilt Enjoy your day and set a goal to improve something in your life.  ;)