Monday, August 30, 2010

To Hire an Organizer ??

Well where has the summer gone? Mine has been so full one has not had time to have people over for a BBQ but that will change in the next couple of weeks we hope. Well let me tell you what I did last week even though I was sick as a dog. I hired an Organization company called Jigsaw Organization Inc.  Now I really did not know how they where going to turn my studio into something that would work better as for years I tried  everything to keep my fabrics safe, my threads in order all the beads, paints and art supplies in some kind of manageable order. Like most quilters we get into our space pull things out to find that perfect fabric then when we look up our working area looks like it blew up . And let me tell you I hate working in a mess so before I can start playing the area gets cleaned first which limits my play time ( things like family , house work, real work and the  dog seem to need my attention ). Well that was where Sharon and her gang promised to do there best . I kept telling her that she was missing a whole market of women that need her help but would not part with the tools of the trade. So she offered to come into my world and see what a quilter needed and what was so different about our little breed . The first visit I walked them through my world where most of my spare time is spent. (Yes even I have spare time ) . I clashed a little with the one lady because she wanted to remove the dogs bed as if I would let that happen, Luna is always close by . And she wanted my small fridge out.  When they left I was worried about what I had let myself in for ahhh. Then Sharon came back in a couple of days with their proposal, and walked me through what they wanted to do. She really wanted to hang all my fabric lmao. for those quilters can you imagine! Sharon laughed at me cause she said the look on my face needless to say hangers went to the side as not in this life time. I showed her how one goes about picking fabric for a project and it was clear how hangers just would not work. But these are the things she needed to find out so she could help over quilters.
Now is where I stepped up and once Sharron left I emptied my space cleaned everything out. I tore out the closet and fixed holes then painted. Borrowed a van and to Costco I went and bought the wall units that are now in the studio. Had talked to Sharron about them (it was her van) and JD and I built the Units. My son grumbled the whole time but I told him I was not paying someone good money for something we could do ourselves. Now in Jigsaws quote they had figured in doing all this, but me,  being a control freak  I  needed to do my part. Evil laugh. Plus really did need to try and keep the bill where I could justify it. On Thursday when the Ladies arrived it was ready for them to do their magic. Sharon had a speech planned just in case I got in the way. And off they went , I swear the three of them worked non stop all day folding sorting and just made my area sing. We purged a lot, now they normally take everything away but I said no way as all the books I had and magazines would be loved by my quilting friends. So I loaded them up into my car to take to the shop. ( The ladies where on them like white on rice). It was amazing I had purged before Jigsaw came cause I bought the new desks and got rid of a ton but still six bags went to my van. No Fabric was hurt in the process. Nothing I needed, would use, or valued left. Yes some purging was done and I was honest regarding my books and what really I needed to keep.(Nothing came back into the space after they left). The ladies took the garbage away so that it was not by my fence all week, they took some containers that I no longer needed that they could use and they left with me doing the Happy Dance over my new space. So when my husband saw the space here is what I told him . I had been trying to get this space to work for me for three yrs. My projects where always organized but the rest did not work well at all. Was it worth the expense ? Yes and then some! It's clean, bright, organized, homes for everything and anyone can find what they need in this space. I can now create with out making a huge mess, there is space to teach and work . What more could I ask for. So for those that need some help consider hiring an Organization company if your in Calgary contact me I can hook you up to some amazing Ladies.