Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Magic Fence

Morning All, well my magic fence has done it's job again. Okay for those that don't know I live at the end of a block so the alley runs beside my house then sidewalk and the main street in our community. When I need to get rid of something I put the item or items beside our fence. Well let me tell you this fence has magical powers cause it doesn't matter what I put there it's gone with in minutes. Yesterday I was in Purge mode, three trips to the thrift store, many trips across the street to sneak garbage into the neighbors bin. They are doing Reno's so they have one of those large bins on the front yard at the moment. Evil laugh Steve whom was helping me purge filled that bin. Good thing I don't know these people. But the items that really one could have sold or given away needed somewhere to go, so beside the fence they went. Large kennel , 150 pound punching bag, furniture , wood, shelving you name it those items where placed.  Well today is trash day so around I go with my recycle box and what do you know but everything was gone cleared away nowhere to be found. I am loving that fence. So yes I am at it again purging, watching my friend move and pack up junk made me look at our home and think if we had to move would one take what was in this house? Sunday ten bags of cloths and misc. items left the house, Tuesday Steve and I cleaned out the storage room and back closet. Like I said three trips where made to Value Village to donate. And today two more bags are in my truck ready to go . Last night all the shelves where removed from the hall closet and back closet then painting until 2:00 am this morning. Crazy I know but Jigsaw is coming in today to organize all my closets. They did such an amazing job with the studio three weeks ago that I am having them back to help get the stuff that is behind closed doors organized. Well me being me I would clean my home before the cleaning lady came ( no I don't have a cleaning lady sigh) so purging , cleaning and painting where all done saves time and money. So today should be fun wonder how much more I will purge think we are all done but one never knows when I get in this mode. Now I know that for the most part the things in my home are things that one wants around. My poor husband has no idea what I have been up to but I have not touched his closet (yet evil evil laugh) Plans for the rest of my week, finish up paperwork and invoicing so Rod doesn't have a cow, do class samples so Anne doesn't have a cow and somewhere in there get some sleep (Fat chance) So for those that are reading this and drinking your coffee have I made you tired?? Have a great day.