Sunday, July 25, 2010

Keeping in touch.

Afternoon , Just taking a break from working on the long arm. Trying to challenge myself and expand my skills but it all takes time and practice. Doing laundry , listening to the television and enjoying a simple Sunday. Later will be burning burgers on the BBQ. Okay will not burn them but that's the plans for the day.
So yesterday we hosted a dinner for friends that are moving from Calgary to Saskatoon. We had a great time lots of people, great food good company. Our friends where saying we would have to come visit them. Which got me to thinking. Bad thing I know. Anyways they are moving about six hours away. Guess that's not far but would I make the trip? Sorry to say don't think it will happen. My in laws live only four hours away and I can count how many times we have visited in the last five years on one hand. Not that we don't love them it's just life. It seems between kids sports, work , chores and just running the house and gardens time just flies by. Just seems  you almost have to plan for a drive . Rod wants to do more car trips but I hate being in the car for more than an hour . We have friends in Kelowna and still have not made it to their home , would like to but scheduling seems to be an issue. We have other friends that just hop in their car and go leave Saturday come home Sunday and just  go with the flow. Mind you I look at our life and understand why it's hard getting away. In the next month all our weekends are filled with one thing or another that we can't change . Thank goodness for our back yard. For those that have never been to our little slice of heaven come all are welcome. Well guess that was all that was on my mind. Just wondering if other people have that problem when friends move. Do we keep in contact or do we lose it. Face book has made it so that I am now in contact with people I have not seen in years or that matter decades. Just something to get you to thinking.