Friday, October 29, 2010

To Label or Not ??

Inner Animal Workshop
Well I have no idea where the month went. I swear between work, kids, husband and my life in general this month has flown by as it is I still have paperwork and GST to deal with before the end of the month. At least the government fixed the $64,000 dollar error on their part. Can you imagine getting that bill needless to say I was not a happy camper that day. Where would one come up with that kind of cash? But I am not the only person dealing with government screw ups. My friend J had to spend the last month proving that they had a third child whom is in grade 12.  I figured after the sixth trip into their offices I would be pulling my shirt up and showing the stretch marks lmao all in fun J.
 So this month I started teaching we had an amazing weekend of sewing and I think the ladies took something away with them. It was fun and scary all at the same time. I have also opened my studio up so if you care to come and sew with me your more than welcome. My first victim (pardon student) evil evil laugh was J. She took the workshop but since she does not own a machine or tools she came to finish her quilt at the studio. Well let me tell you for a girl that just turned 13 this month she did an great job. She finished her quilt including the binding and label. Okay we sewed the binding by machine which saved us much time. But I swear I have been doing more and more binding by machine these days. Unless the quilt is heading to a show or it's something really special to the machine it goes. Don't get me wrong I love doing binding by hand. The other thing is labels. Please quilters start doing labels. Matt Sparrows the man quilter bought a hand quilted quilt at VV yesterday for $20 dollars someone went to a lot of work on this quilt for it to end up having no voice. I told J while she was finishing her label that yes this was her first larger quilt , it's from a pattern but the thing that makes her quilt special is the label. It tells a story of the journey she took as a young girl. So the next owner will look at the quilt with different eyes. They are going to understand this was her first quilt, she is just learning so yes the stitching may not be perfect, it's not totally square but it's a right of passage. This teen has fallen in love with quilting and already planning her next quilt. (So if you know of someone getting rid of a sewing machine get back to me cause I would love to be able to help her along the way ) Any ways that has been this month hard to believe that it's almost over. I did finish my GST yesterday and filed it on line lets see how that works.
Now while the kids are watching movies today I may be able to get some invoicing done. Then tomorrow spend the day invoicing and decorating the yard. Rod is gone until Monday then home for five days then gone again. He says he has a ton of paperwork for me which means I need to clear up what is sitting here in my office. I swear it never ends. My question for the day is this, if a man and a woman had the same chore list what would be the time frame for completion for both of them??? Evil laugh just wondering cause I know my husband works hard but sometimes my family doesn't see what all has been done. Enjoy the day love to hear your views.