Sunday, April 11, 2010

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Trying to figure out how to get my blog on my facebook page.

Crazy messy

As I sit in my studio surrounded by fabric, paints, buttons and beads it's a miracle anything gets done. It's an organized mess. It gets cleaned at least once a week but when the brain waves start spinning the area reflects the shock waves. I am a visual person so if I don't see it then well I forget where I put things (could be old age) . The goals I have set this year are high which means one does have to focus on keeping the mess in check. So how do you keep things organized? Thats the question of the day. Yesterday I cleaned my house from top to bottom so I did not have to deal with my paperwork and messy studio. Today I am here surrounded by paper and not wanting to deal with it but one must. Right that's why I am blogging lol , to avoid avoid avoid. I have started organizing other area's of my home with some small things but wow some I wish I had thought about years ago. In the kitchen I put hooks up on the cupboard doors on the inside. There hang my measuring spoons, cups and tools to bake. It has made things alot faster and one knows where everything is. Also label everthing and put food in containers rather than leaving in packaging takes up alot less space. Little house need all the space I can find. Been purging this week and will take advantage of Craigs list or Kijji free is free. Well guess one should really face the paper Hope the day finds you well and would love to hear how you organize that one might use .