Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring is Here ????

Afternoon everyone, taking a break right now the kids are eating papaya fruit and dogs are asleep. The wind and snow outside is just crazy stupid. Well I will say one thing about weather like this it makes you want to stay under a quilt and read a book. This is not in my cards today as well last week I did not do paperwork or invoicing for that matter anything I normally do. Quilts Canada was my main focus. But got into the swing of things this week. Cleaned the studio and reorganized. You would think this would be a simple process but I swear I can purge like a crazy fool when it comes to everyday things but quilting stuff I can't seem to let go cause you may need it . The words every man uses when talking about nuts and bolts. My fathers voice rings in my head lol. Well it took two days to finally do it all. My fabrics are in a hutch so they will no longer be exposed to the sun. They are organized by color and let me tell you one would think I would have a ton of Purple but in fact Blue is the one that is over flowing.  My closet is now organize and one can see everything and everything has a home .The cutting table is now totally set up so I can cut most anything. Sewing station is cleaned dust bunnies gone. So when I get my sewing machine back it's space is clean. Time for it's Oil Lube and Filter to be done.  Just like my car one needs to keep it in good running order and annual cleanings are important. So while it is in the shop the invoicing will get done cause well there is no distractions. Hard to get my homework done but well that's just life.
At quilts Canada we went to a lecture on organizing ones sewing room. Well let me tell you some ladies sure make wonderful quilts in shitty spaces. I left feeling good about my studio but could improve a few things which I think happened this week. Didn't take much away from that lecture other than knowing my work space was more than most have. So what does your spaces look like does it function the way it should. You may not quilt but where you create does it work for you? So many people work at the dinning room table and the lighting may not be great so take this thought away today. You deserve your own space to work so claim some space in your home that is just yours. That's a thought I have a friend that writes and she needs to find that space to write. That amazing novel needs a jumping off point. Well since I have now wasted thirty minutes doing this should get back to invoicing and cleaning up the mess the kids are making . Go and enjoy your day even if it's snowing. ahhhhhhhh