Thursday, May 13, 2010

Makes you think if it's really better?

Morning, just going through my emails which in it's self is funny to think about. At one time we would be going through the mail. Well if your mail is like mine all there seems to be is bills and junk mail. Mind you emails are just about the same. You weed through all the junk people send you for example all the chain style letters. Then you have all the jokes and pictures but really it seems no one really takes the time to write anymore. I use to love sending letters and getting them. They where in your hands you could feel them , see them and know that the sender was really taking time out of there day to sit and write you. I still write a few people for one reason or another. I wrote my Husbands grandmother every week for years till she passed, nothing important was said in them but what we where up to that week. And well I know she enjoyed getting those letters. At Christmas I always take the time to write and post a letter with our Christmas cards to catch everyone up. But someone told me about three years ago they hate getting letters like that cause it was look here is what we are doing and the kids are doing so well etc.( Note this person never got a letter from me) Never thought about it like that although I have never been one that brags about the Kid.  Anyways I think this is why I like to Blog and use face book. Some where out in cyberspace another person is wanting to connect with another soul. It's like having a pen pal. Chances of you meeting that person is not high but you enjoy writing them. Last month I met a person that I had made friends on face book. It was amazing to put a face to the notes on the screen. Plus I think we clicked right away and know we will be friends for a long time. So the question of the day is ... What would you rather have a letter posted through the mail or a email which is better? Anyways that's what was on my mind when I started Blogging. So Yesterday finally got into the garden. Did some clean up and wow I have more hours to go but it will happen. Then worked on finishing this wall hanging. It sure feels like spring is finally here. When my husband got home he put together our new fire place in the backyard and this weekend he will be fixing our fence. Someone decided that they should take it out. NICE. And before the leaves come out on the trees and bushes it's time to paint the fence and shed. The joys of summer , can hardly wait to be able to work and play outside. End the day with a wine cooler while visiting with friends. Big sigh. Must get the work done before one can play. Now guess one should close this and head into the day so off I go to get that coffee and see what my day will bring.