Friday, June 25, 2010

How does are Brains work?

Morning, so just wondering how the brain works. For example I never forget things I read, watch or learn but things like a persons name another story. In my world if I call you sweetie or honey  my family and friends know I can't recall your name. This has plagued me my whole life. If you are not someone that I know will be in my life for a while I just don't register your name. Don't do this on purpose just happens. Now faces never forget, so if I have met you well you will get one killer smile from me but chances are you will be sweety. My brain just does not waste space holding names. Silly just wondering if anyone else has this problem? I also do this regarding my Anniversary. I swear that date eludes my memory. Been married now for 26 yrs. Husband came home from business and kisses me and says Happy Anniversary. Ah should put date on calendar but to be honest still would forget about it. So what is my mind doing? Just a thought nothing more but what do you think and how does your mind work.

We all tick a little different which is a good thing. I am looking after a 10 month old child and let me tell you , you can see exactly what he is thinking. Its amazing watching him discover the world and how it works. The older kids you know what they are thinking cause they have not mastered the cover up .

So I consider myself a creative soul and my mind is always spinning and seeing the world in a much different way than say my son or husband. My husband sees everything in black and white, where I think our son sees the world through sound. Guess that's what makes each person special we see things differently.

Anyways just wondering , So today I will be working on a quilt that I promised a friend over two yrs ago. Been working on it non stop for the last week . Hoping to finish it tomorrow. Been letting the creative side of the brain work this week. Nice to be free with what I am doing. Then will spend the afternoon Baking for the weekend. Archery Camp this weekend for us which we all love. Get to see people we have not seen since last camp. And yes there will be lots of people I will call honey. giggle giggle. So Rod and I will bake up a storm. Today's the day you should come for coffee cause you would get a fresh cookie to go with it.
Well I shall close for now but let me know how your brain works .