Saturday, December 11, 2010

Being Thankfull.

Just got home from doing my shift for Inn out of the Cold it is 5:38 am in the morning yes still up and know once my head hits the pillow I will be out like a light. Now lots is going on in my head as to how the rest of my day is going to go. Sleep till ten, maybe make a piece of toast while the coffee is brewing. Head to the bank to pay my taxes ( Filed late this yr.) Not worrying about how I am paying this bill because the money is there. Then grocery store, liquor store then home, friend coming over to use the long arm so she can finish her Christmas gifts. My husband will arrive home around four then we will get ready to go to a Christmas party . This is what this day will involve. Well tonight I swear more people could not sleep , needed to have a smoke, or just wondering about. Very unusual since wake up is at six and they are on the bus heading out by seven.
Here is what these Homeless working poor have to look forward to. Wake up in 15 minutes, where if you want a shower you have to wait cause there are only two showers and 15 people that could want one. But you have only one hour to pack up your stuff shower and eat . On the menu is eggs, toast, bacon and fruit. Sounds good but this is the menu everyday if you are using the Inn. 7:00 am on the bus to head downtown. It's cold out, might not have the right cloths for this weather in need of a smoke. If your lucky you have work to go to if not your on the cold streets of Calgary . Lunch was given to you so no worries about filling that need but where does one get hot water to use for the instant soup? Next worry getting back to the Inn pick up point by 4:30 to catch a bus to the next church that is housing you for the night. Along with a million other worries about surviving on the streets.
Okay hope you have a mental  picture. My family was homeless when I was a child my parents did their best but moving, changing cities and jobs left cash flow short. First and Last months rent is hard to save for when you are just trying to get by in a day. Did not help that my mother had a mental condition . We also where on welfare for most of my younger days. So this is the reason I do the Inn Out of the Cold each month. It keeps our family grounded as to whats important . My husband never lived through such things but he has lived through my hording of canned food ( Not so bad for it now) My giving the shirt off my back if you needed it no questions asked , opening our home to anyone no matter what. Over feeding everyone cause god forbid anyone goes away hungry from our home.
I have a point to this story should get there ( lack of sleep ). All week I have been stressing about my silly Christmas tree and when was I going to get it up. Well tonight one man was stressing about the sizes of cigarette butts in this bag he had. I swear he must have gathered them up from all over the place . All he wanted was to enjoy one smoke. The bag made him feel like he could handle what ever the day held for him if he could gather enough to role one cigarette. Another lady that was up all night was stressing about the hole in her shoe cause next week it was going to get cold. Makes the tree look rather silly. These people where not worrying about stocking stuffers or that perfect gift.

As we head into this holiday season please take the time to enjoy what you have. My friend Darla and her son have been doing one good deed a day for someone if we all did this wow our world might not have so many stressed out people. So I hope today when you head into your day you might appreciate the little joys that are around you all the time. I know the people at the Inn gave me a gift tonight. I shall not stress over anything cause really we have it so much better than a lot of other people. Merry Christmas