Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Past our legacy


Purple monstrosity

As I look outside into my garden resting under a coat of snow it makes one reflect on the past and whats to come next. Spring is just around the corner and all those buds waiting to pop up from under the cold blank of winter. I am not one that reflects on my genealogy but I love history and the artifacts that have survived . In my teens I worked for the Cranbrook Railway museum  restoring  the train cars. Peeling away the paint, dirt and grim of so many years. It was a dirty job but wow looking at the end results and knowing you saved something for the future made my heart sing. Now many years later looking at my life makes me wonder about what one will leave behind for the next generation to restore , preserve or just enjoy. Spent morning reading a couple of
history research papers hence the reflection.
Last month I made a Baby Jane quilt , it was nice but nothing special in my eyes. Not like Jane A Stickler's quilt from 1863 or Harriet Powers bible quilts from the 1800's. Mrs. Powers sold her quilt back then for five dollars so she could feed her family, Ms. Stickle made the quilt while she waited for the men in her life to return from war. Did these women know that a hundred years later women would be making their quilts in ah of what they had made with the tools and fabric of the day.
While my family was in New york we went to many museums, and yes we enjoyed it but the one item that stuck in my head was a piece of fabric that was painted and stitched from the 1700's. Fabric and working with it is part of a women's DNA . Thinking this is why I took to quilting like a duck to water , it's in my DNA.

Mermaids song
Made it into National Juried Show 2010

We all have a creative side somewhere, will someone be holding one of my quilts or my mothers painting and wondering what  where we thinking while making it. After the trip back from New York I came to the conclusion that yes I was an artist like my mother and grandmother. These ladies paint and draw cause it's part of them. Are they famous no will their works survive who knows. Put they loved doing it. As for myself my quilting friends can spot one of my pieces without being told who made it. Do I love what I do silly question and the answer is yes. Am I an artist yes because I am creating something to express how I am feeling. So while my mother thinks its just sewing ( She has one of my quilts & she has it on her bed with the back side showing not the front with all the work)  I think yes some pieces are functional  but others are works of Art.

Now here is the question of the day, do you think of your work as art, or just functional ? And in a hundred years when someone is holding it what will they think about it? I am thinking they will think it's Art what do you think?

Nana's Parlor
Just made after my grandmother pasted.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Do you have a goal or Plan?

My life is full of fun, color, & will always
take time to party & have a glass of wine
Sexy Shoes a must.

If you had asked me four years ago what would I be doing I could not answer you. Well I could , I would be working, maybe taking some classes and dealing with my day to day life. Did I have a plan for the future no just work, save for my retirement and pray that my family was happy and healthy. Those people that say do what you love well I never understood that as for me I liked different things but never loved anything.  Wow has things changed .
Who would have known that walking into a quilt store would change my life so much in such a short time. Found my passion, discovered color, discovered that it was okay to play & explore my creative side and met amazing people. This journey I am on has changed due to teachers that have opened doors to my imagination. My first instructor whom I love is Linda Ward she called me out and challenged me along the way. She has given of her time and let me fly. Others have taught and I have soaked up everything they had to offer. But as in life it's never a straight road, my journey changed when I took a class from Matt Sparrow . I love making my quilts but it was the quilting that always seemed to fall short. Sending them out was fine but for the most part when they came back my vision and the quilters vision where  different. I bought a long arm frame and put a regular sewing machine on it. For me this has worked well but has it's short comings . So as in all that I do I booked a class with Matt to see how to improve my quilting. Had him do a quilt for me and he got me!  The quilt is a work of Art due to Matt's skills. Hence why I took a class from him.  One day with him caused an explosion in my world.
All of a sudden I knew what I wanted to be doing and needed a plan of attack to reach my goal. Came home sat down with my husband and explained my crazy plan. So now I am saving for a proper long arm machine and frame. In March taking time off to head to Edmonton to take Classes with Sue Patten, then in June taking more time off to go to Long arm University and taking classes with Cathy Roth. A couple of weeks ago took a workshop with Lorraine Stangness. All these classes before I even own a machine (way to funny)
Reason behind this is to be able to play on a number of different machines and test drive them. So when it comes time to buy I will buy the machine that will work the best for my needs. Hate to spend that kind of money and not love it or make it pay for it's self.
Now all this is great but would not happen or could not happen if I did not have the support of my family. My Husband has kept me on track and helped me keep on track when obstacles have come my way.
So look around you,  people come into your life for a reason. I know My Husband is my anchor, and all the people that are around me are here to teach me life lessons and I value all of them.
Now here is the question of the day , who inspires you ? What are your future goals, have you set any? What are you going to do to reach these goals? If you don't have a goal in mind maybe it's time to look around your world and view it differently.  Hope I make you think. :)

And for those teachers and people that have inspired me know that I value you , respect you and am grateful you came into my crazy world. Hugs and kisses coming your way.