Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Your worth it !


Loopy D's Studio

Taking a break from working on my new long arm machine yes I have a new toy and loving every minute I get to use it. While I was drinking my morning coffee and reading the new Quilt life Magazine there was an article that made me stop and think.

We as women make our homes express ourselfs and our tastes through color, decor and nic knacks but do we have our own space to create & play. Our kids have play rooms, our teens have the basement, the men in our lives might have a man cave or a garage but do we as women make space where we play? Last year I took a course on working in small places. The instructor had a slide show of quilters spaces. Now the quilts these ladies made where wonderful but the space that they worked from sucked. I know it's not right to have all your sewing items and machine in the hall closet . Really you could not find a better place to work in ? Or the dinning room table , again family dinners are not as common but your machine is at the wrong height and the lighting stinks. Are we not active in paying the bills that we don't place value on us ?

Molly & Me with quilt
I cut in half to play on.

When I got my first Longarm frame it was 10 feet long and about 2.5 feet wide, my son was flabbergassed that I was taking up all his space in the basement. I looked him in the eyes and said did you pay the morgage? I think not so this machine stays. It's taken me some time to claim more of my house for myself but once it happened well the house reflecs my passion. Now don't get me wrong I worked at the kitchen table for about six months . Then one day after moving the machine again cause we eat family dinners together I said to my husband we have two spare rooms and how often are both filled? My studio space was born. Last year an organization company came in and helped me take control of the space and I have never looked back.  Last week my Millenuim arrived , Molly as I call her (anything that cost more than my first car needs a name) Well this set up is 14 feet long, four feet wide do I need to say more she takes up alot of space but my son and husband smiled and knew I am happy.

So take a look at your space , do you have one? If not why not? When you have an area that is just yours where no one touches the tools or moves a project you can walk away do something else then come back to it and continue . I don't care if you quilt or scrapbook when you have a hobby you need a space that your family does not disturb. Your more productive, creative and most of all happy . Now go look around your home is there a corner or a small room that you can claim ? I am thinking you can find it,  so that's your challenge this week take time and space for you.  Would love to see your spaces so post them. Now back to work I go as the quilt that is on the frame is not being finished with me on this machine.


  1. You're right, Deb - we do need our own space and deserve it! I'm also in the basement with my long arm, cutting table, machines, fabric, etc. I'd like to be upstairs, but there's just no room. Maybe if I can talk my hubby into an addition...

  2. I am just so darn happy for you! Look at that big machine! : )
    You are right... as soon as I had more space, I became more productive. My "woman cave" yeah! ; ) My kids got big enough to no longer need a playroom, so that big extra room is mine.

    ps - LOVE the dark quilt on the bright green wall.